Vintage Nickel and tweed armchair, 1950's

Price: 2500 shekels
Vintage red armchairs, 1950's

Price: 4500 shekels for the couple
Painted desk, French

Price: 2100 shekels
Kitchen isle

Price: 2680 shekels
Old oak table, Canada

Price: 6000 shekels
1900 vitrine, Templar

Price: 4370 shekels
Pantry hutch, Canada

Price: 2250 shekels
Templar trunck

Price: 1500 shekels
Oak Desk

Price: 2200 shekels
Templar 4 shelves cupboard 170x120x35

Price: 5850 shekels
old valise

Price: 950 shekels
skai armchair

Price: 645 shekels
Hutch USA

Price: 6500 shekels
Old pine trunck 90x69x57

Price: 795 shekels
Country kitchen cupboard

Price: 1200 shekels
Green cupboard 92x163

Price: 2200 shekels
Old metal chests 80/77/50

Price: 950 shekels /1700 shekels for 2
Velvet armchairs

Price: 2950 shekels for the pair
German wall clock

Price: 1800 shekels
Old Kitchen wall cabinet 70/50/22, USA

Price: 1350 shekels
Old metal baby swing bed, USA

Price: 2850 shekels
Prayer stand, 1920's synagogue

Price: 1150 shekels
English armchair

Price: 1450 shekels
Enamel desk lamp

Price: 685 shekels
French Tableware Limoges

44 pieces, Price: 10000 shekels
English oak bibliotheque 166x164x44

Price: 9500 shekels
Standing lamp from the 50's

Price: 750 shekels
French wood gilden oval mirror 70x60

Price: 1250 shekels
Hall stand

Price: 1300 shekels
Canadian square oak side table

Price: 1600 shekels
Templer shelf+mirror

Price: 1850 shekels
50's blue chairs

Price: 1285 shekels for the pair
30's red armchair

Price: 2950 shekels
Enamel kitchenware (europe)

price: 320 shekels for the coffee pots and 120 for the soap holder, 80 for a jar
ceramics kitchenware

Price: 525 shekels for the coffee beans grinder and 285 shekels for the chicoree box
old postal and kitchen scales

Price: 250 and 550 shekels
kitchen wall and buffet clocks

Price: 650 shekels each one
1950's figurines

Price: 395 shekels and 895 shekels for the Vespa
Nickel High stools

Price: 900 shekels for the pair